Nov 24 2013


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Science is truth

Science is in me

Science is in you

Science is every where


Space is cold


No live things that we know of


And very bright

But live things live on earth that we know of



Science is fun

Science is boring

Science is in a gun

Science is for you to have fun





Plants are helpful

Plants are tall

Plants are like little friends

Plant come in all shapes and size/ By Brodie.

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Oct 08 2013


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I need to work on my spelling.

I thing that  I have had a very good year.


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Aug 14 2013

web sites that are not to be trusted how to find them out

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If you have not found fact that suport the infomaon that you have found on other good sites and they don’t have good links. I think that wikpeder is a trusted sited.

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May 08 2013

Cool blog reviews

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I think that Amy m creative mind was the best

I think that jarrod awesome site is the second best

 i think that every other one is 3th.

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Apr 17 2013

the best way to find suff on google.

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1.when you want to find some thing in austrlia put after the words .au

2.wright in what you want and go to tool bar then go to any time.

3.use the inveted comer befor and after

4.when you do’t want to have some thing put a – so it do’t come up.

5.go to a cupl more sites to see if it is legitimate

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Mar 19 2013


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Mar 12 2013


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HI my name is Brodie. I am 12 years old.I like pie.

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Mar 05 2013

my family

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My little brother has cancer, Iam in froser care ,I have not seen my mum and my brother seens august last year.

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